The company was created in 2009 and comes from an industrial group active in the field of hydraulics and toiletries.
Studies to address the industry begin in 2008 with targeted visits and analysis of the market in various countries, especially in Germany – (leading nation in this field). After the design phase – in the context of the evolution of the market and availability of know-how on different areas – Given the prospects for development of the Italian market, we made the decision to install the production in Italy and in the Province of Trento, being able to enjoy a large territorial network both in industries that the relational into account the scientific institutions in the area.

The plant covers an area of 3000 square meters and is located adjacent to the SS 237 Brescia – Trento, at the City of Storo.

Reference year Profit, € Workers
year 2009 128.814 2
year 2010 1.640.300 4
year 2011 3.050.000 11
year 2012 5.500.000 19
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