Waris Roof

Modulo Waris Roof
Waris Roof is a product aimed at a better integration of the module on the roof, effectively replacing the tile. It comes with 240-250Wp power, in Black or Silver. Particularly effective in historic centers where it can be combined with brown cells, perfectly integrated with flat or rounded tiles.

Thanks to the use of the best components, they are all certified according to European standards.

The solar cells used for our Solor Panels offer a high efficiency of conversion of sunlight to ensure a high standard of product quality.
Our high performing modules have a positive tolerance of 0 + 5 W. This ensures a constant and stable production of energy. They are resistant to weather conditions and more extreme temperatures, exceeding all tests IEC show a value of mechanical strength of 5400 Pa, ie, a pressure of 550 kg / m².


The Solar Panels without frame WARIS Series FL joined the mounting system for roof-integrated systems SOLRIF ® are the perfect combination to get an architecturally integrated photovoltaic system. This system is suitable for all types of inclined roofs replacing conventional roofing.

Warranty and Certification

WRS modules have a 10 year warranty on manufacturing defects and a guarantee on the minimum rated power: 10 years – 90% of rated power. 25 Years – 80% of rated power.
All modules are certified according to IEC 61215:2005 and IEC 61730-1 IEC 61730-2


  • More Incentives;
  • Enhance Your Solar Panel on the roof;
  • With Anti-snow system / Anti defrost
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